Moving Checklist

Perth Moving Checklist | Commercial Relocation Projects

Here is a packing checklist that you can use to help you stay organised during your move. Contact Commercial Relocation Project and let us handle your entire moving process.

___ Boxes in various sizes
___ Packing paper
___ Bubble wrap
___ Packing tape
___ Scissors
___ Markers or labels
___ Furniture blankets
___ Mattress covers
___ Wardrobe boxes (if needed)
___ Packing peanuts or foam inserts (if needed)
___ Plastic wrap (for furniture protection)

___ Kitchen:
___ Plates, bowls, cups, and saucers wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and packed securely in boxes
___ Pots, pans, and other cookware packed securely in boxes
___ Utensils wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and packed securely in boxes
___ Small appliances (toaster, blender, etc.) packed securely in boxes
___ Large appliances (refrigerator, stove, etc.) properly cleaned and secured for transport

___ Bedroom:
___ Clothes packed in wardrobe boxes or folded and packed in boxes
___ Bedding, including sheets, comforters, and pillows, packed in boxes or vacuum-sealed bags
___ Mattress and box spring covered in mattress covers and loaded onto the moving truck first

___ Living Room:
___ Electronics, including TV, stereo, and gaming systems, properly packed in boxes with bubble wrap and/or foam inserts
___ Lamps and lampshades packed securely in boxes with plenty of paper or bubble wrap
___ Furniture protected with furniture blankets or plastic wrap

___ Bathroom:
___ Towels and linens packed in boxes
___ Toiletries, including shampoo, soap, and toothpaste, securely packed in boxes

___ Miscellaneous:
___ Books, CDs, and DVDs packed in boxes
___ Artwork and mirrors properly wrapped in bubble wrap and/or blankets and packed in boxes

By using this packing checklist, you can ensure that all your items are packed safely and securely for the move, and that you have everything you need to make your move to Perth stress-free.

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